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A Common-Sense Approach To Municipal Law

Skipper Law, LLC, handles a wide range of municipal law matters affecting local governments and residents in Dallas, Georgia, and surrounding cities and counties. The firm represents local governments as well as individuals who have legal concerns before local governing bodies.

Founding attorney Lani G. Skipper has extensive experience with municipal law issues. She served as the county attorney from January 2002 through 2008 and January 2015 through 2018. She has experience with government litigation issues, including employment law, eminent domain, ordinance drafting and interpretation, as well as tax appeals.

Ms. Skipper approaches civil disputes similarly to how she handles civil disputes, with a focus on resolving the matter through negotiation and mediation, if necessary, rather than litigation. This provides more control over the outcome and typically is less costly than litigating a case. However, if a fair resolution cannot be reached, Ms. Skipper is a trial-tested attorney who is always prepared to advocate for her client in the courtroom.

Experienced, Practical And Detail-Oriented

Municipal law issues are diverse and frequently loaded with minute details. Ms. Skipper’s experience and attention to the fine points make her ideally suited for these cases, whether she is representing a municipality or an individual in a dispute. The firm handles a wide variety of municipal law matters, including:

  • Boundary line disputes
  • Land use disputes
  • Zoning issues
  • Building and construction permits
  • Eminent domain
  • Legal issues regarding utilities, water or other city or county services
  • Environmental law
  • Open meetings and records compliance

Let Us Review Your Civil Law Matter

Skipper Law, LLC, is based in Dallas, Georgia, and serves clients throughout the Atlanta metro area. The firm represents Paulding County, other local jurisdictions and citizens within these jurisdictions in a variety of civil law matters. Call 770-693-0644 or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting.