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Providing Fair And Effective Dispute Mediation

Not all legal disputes need to be resolved in court. Judges, lawyers and clients will often turn to mediation because it is faster, less expensive and generally involves less stress. This can be particularly helpful in matters where the two sides are willing to find middle ground. Often ideal for family law matters, it can even promote a sense of healing or provide a template for the resolving issues in the future.

Attorney Lani G. Skipper, founder of Skipper Law, LLC, is a registered mediator and arbitrator with the state of Georgia who is licensed to mediate civil cases and domestic cases. She currently works as a mediator in dispute resolution for the courts in Paulding, Cobb and many of the surrounding counties. She often works with clients on civil and domestic matters in private practice. Her knowledge of mediation format as well as the judges and lawyers in the local legal system provides her with unique insights that other attorneys do not have.

What Is Mediation?

A common form of alternative dispute resolution, mediation is a nonbinding format where the two parties try to find common ground. It can be a standalone process, or it is used in conjunction with litigation to resolve as many issues as possible outside of courts. The courts require it in an attempt to shorten the litigation process, allowing the courts focus on major areas of contention. We estimate that about 65 percent of matters that go through mediation are settled.

Typical issues that can be mediated include:

How Does It Work?

A trained mediator like Lani G. Skipper is a neutral third party who works with the two sides (who may or may not each have lawyers of their own). The idea is to facilitate constructive communication in a comfortable environment. The proceedings are often confidential, and anything discussed cannot later be used in court.

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