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Treating Your Family With A Personalized Approach

Family law involves a challenging list of issues. The dispute will often have a strong emotional element that comes from the fact that marriage has broken apart. There is also the legal matter of filing paperwork and negotiating various arrangements that involve life-changing elements for a family. Finally, there are also financial issues that need to be resolved.

Located in Dallas and serving people in Paulding County, Skipper Law, LLC, helps people during this difficult time. We understand that each family is unique, and we tailor our legal guidance to fit the client’s needs. Whether it is litigation in court or mediation in a less formal setting, attorney Lani G. Skipper strives to protect the personal and parental rights of our clients while also addressing their legal goals.

Family Law Services We Provide

We can help guide people facing a variety of family law issues:

  • Divorce: Not only do we help you terminate a marriage, but we also help create a template of how the family will function as it moves forward after the divorce.
  • Child custody: Although parenting plans and custody issues are often a major point of contention, we work to create an arrangement that is best for the child while still being workable for the parents.
  • Support: Child support involves such factors as the gross income of both parents, number of children and other unique factors. An alimony arrangement is more individualized but often considers income, length of the marriage, age of spouse and other details.
  • Modification: We try to be comprehensive, but the needs of the family can change in unforeseen ways that need to be addressed.
  • Guardian ad litem assignments: We do a lot of work in this area, which involves determining what is in the best interests of the children and providing them with a legal voice and protection in the courts.
  • Pre- and postnuptial agreements: Increasingly common for couples, these arrangements provide the financial foundation for families to function.
  • Legal separation: Sometimes couples choose not to divorce, but still need to formalize an arrangement.
  • Adoption: We are always happy to help families formalize the bonds between parents and children.
  • Property and debt division: Georgia is an equitable distribution state, which is not the same as dividing assets and debts 50-50.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Family Law Matter

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