Get To Know Your Paulding County Attorney

Along with a varied private practice, Lani G. Skipper serves as the county attorney for Paulding County, Georgia. She has experience with government litigation issues, including employment law, eminent domain, ordinance drafting and interpretation, as well as tax appeals.

Ms. Skipper has worked for Paulding County since 1997 with the administrations of Chairman Bill Carruth, Chairman Jerry Shearin, Chairman David Austin and Chairman Dave Carmichael.

She is responsible for attending all meetings of the Paulding County Board of Commissioners and its other boards and committees, including:

  • The Board of Elections
  • The Planning Commission
  • The Water and Sewer Advisory Board

Representation Of Departments And Legal Duties

As County attorney, Ms. Skipper represents the various departments and staff of the county such as:

  • The Water System
  • The Community Development department
  • The tax commissioner's office
  • The marshal's office
  • The Paulding Department of Transportation

Ms. Skipper drafts ordinances for the county, defends legal matters on behalf of the county, litigates cases for the county and responds to some Open Records Act requests for the county. Additionally, she serves as the prosecutor for county ordinance citations issued by the marshal's office and animal control departments. Hearings on ordinance violation citations are held on the second Monday of every month at 9 a.m., in the magistrate court of Paulding County.

How You Can Contact Lani Skipper

If you are a Paulding County resident and have questions for or matters to discuss with Ms. Skipper, you can reach her by contacting Skipper Law, LLC. She is ably assisted in government-related matters by our staff and another lawyer for the firm.

You can call our Dallas office at 770-693-0644 or send us an email. You will not be charged or billed for working with Ms. Skipper in her capacity as Paulding County attorney.